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Motorola has at least three new phone coming after the X Phone

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There have been quite a good number of rumors about the Motorola X Phone. Google’s new subsidiary has been working on this for a pretty good amount of time and we will be seeing the new smart phone by the end of June or July, which has been the rumored release window for the smart phone. And today, along with this, we have something new to talk about. According to Phone Arena’s sources, the company is working on three other smart phones which are supposed to be released to the market after the X Phone.

According to the new rumor, Motorola is already working on three new smart phones to be released later this year, after the X Phone hits the market. This comes from Phone Arena, which has already confirmed this. The X Phone is supposed to be designed and engineered jointly by Google and Motorola Mobility, which is now under Google itself, and probably this will one of the next Nexus smart phones. But there is no clue if the other three will have the same profile, or if they will in the Nexus category.

Two out of these three smart phones will be released to the market in the third quarter of this year. One of them will be a big smart phone, and there is no clue if that means it will be a 5+ inch phablet, or a 4.5+ inch smart phone which has become the standard these days. The other one will be a smaller smart phone, which could be in the 4 inch arena, or even smaller.

The third smart phone will be worked on till the fourth quarter of the year, when it will be released. And according to the same set of rumors, this will be released unlocked and priced less than the Nexus 4. But we are not sure if this will make it to the Nexus list. Anyway, we have time to know more about these devices in the form of more rumors.

Source: Phone Arena

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