Mobiroo’s monthly subscription for unlimited Android apps

Mobiroo Android app

If you do not want to pay a lot of money for each and every app you buy on your Android smart phone or device, but just want to pay a monthly fee or something and be able to download as many apps as you want, you are in luck. Because a Canadian start up company called Mobiroo has just that to offer you.

The company has come out with a new Android app which is an app market in itself. You will be able to find a variety of apps on this including games, productivity apps, books, videos, music, social apps, and much more. They may be free or paid. But the attraction here is that you just pay a monthly subscription fee of some amount and you get to download and install just about any app you see in the store. Yes, unlimited access to premium apps.

To begin with, the company has fixed a sum of $2.49 per month as the monthly subscription charges. This is a limited time offer and will increase to $4.99 in some time. Even then, it is not a big amount of money to pay a month if you see the catalogue of the apps available on the store. But if you are still not sure if you will be able to benefit from this, you are given the option to try out the app store first for 7 days completely free of cost, and then, only if you like the service, you can sign up for a paid subscription and start downloading as many apps as you want. GameHouse, Binary Mill, and Vector Unit are some of the developers who have partnered with Mobiroo.

Mobiroo’s founder and CEO Vinay Chopra had this to say: “We’re experiencing a major shift in the way we consume our content. Consumers are demanding services which give them unlimited access to their content. Netflix has done it for video. Spotify has done it for music. Now, Mobiroo is doing it for apps … we have created an app experience that makes paid apps more appealing, affordable, and low-risk for any Android user. Membership to our service gives users unlimited access to thousands of dollars’ worth of top paid apps on-demand; all for less than a Starbucks’ coffee.”

Source: Slash Gear