MirrorLink allows for a safe way to access apps while driving

The only time a user is not on his or her phone is when the individual is driving or sleeping, if the world sleeps anymore in this day and age of technology! Automobile giants Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, General Motors, Hyundai, BMW, VW and Fiat are joining forces with smart phone makers to create an interface that turns a car into a smart phone accessory. The technology is called Mirror Link and allows a car entertainment system to connect to the phone to provide a data, audio and video link that works two-ways.

mirror2This technology requires software to be downloaded to a phone and the target car to be compliant. The objective behind this technology is to prevent accidents when a driver is tempted to access his or her phone to get on his or her favorite apps. This is as dangerous as drinking and driving as the driver becomes distracted while browsing through apps. With MirrorLink, apps are projected onto the vehicle’s entertainment system so that drivers can access these with ease without having to take their eyes off the road for too long as in the case of fiddling with phones. Any app that is to appear on the infotainment system of a car needs to meet certain legal requirements like a certain font size and disabling of any typing functions in a moving vehicle.

The technology will soon allow data feed including information about speed, weather information and location of the car to the smart phone. The new technology works both ways and is a safe new way to allow drivers to access apps while on the move.


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