Microsoft’s Windows Phone Update – Scheduled For the Holidays?

There are rumors in the air that an improved Windows Phone might be in the coming and the source of these entire buzz is the manufacturer itself. As we all know that Microsoft usually maintains a hush-hush stratagem regarding its business strategy, new launches or updates; the sudden activities on its job board searching for a software development engineer for phone testing gave us a few points to ponder.

holi2Aimed to catch up with Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, the Windows Phone is very important for Microsoft. While in the beginning of the month we came to know about the “Windows Blue” from the same job hoarding board of Microsoft, we can easily imagine any update can come up with that alluring name. But the next job post seeking for a software development engineer is rather lucid. Citing the company where growth opportunities are enormous; the tech giant states that they are ready to make their subsequent release of new killer devices with delightful user experiences during the holiday season of the current year. With all these words stirring up the tech world, we may sit down and watch out for the next phase of Windows 8. Be it called “Windows Blue” or anything, the news is Microsoft has a ploy under its sleeves and we all can be expectant for some pretty interesting tweaks or enhancements. Referring to the alleged job post by Microsoft terming the Windows Phone as its one of the most exciting challenges of the company and the target of holiday season – it seems like that we may need to wait a little more at least till the summer season or the happy year ending Christmas holidays for the things to take shape.