Microsoft to withdraw support for Windows 8 mobile OS after September 2014

In a shocking move, Microsoft has announced on its website that it will withdraw support for Windows 8 and Windows 7 phones by the thirds quarter of 2014, most likely from September. The company will provide only 18 months support for its mobile version of the touch based OS. This is an unexpected move since focus has shifted to mobile devices from PCs and laptops. Smart phones, tablets, hybrids and phablets are the future of communication and computing. While most companies are slowly moving away from laptops and PCs to offer greater support for on the fly phone computing, Microsoft has taken a step in the other direction.

mic2Nokia has been a patron of Windows 8 since its own rebirth with the Lumia series. Both Lumia 920 and HTC’s 8X have built their high end phones around the touch based operating system from Microsoft. These companies will have to draw a new strategy, one that does not involve Windows 8 in their design and development cycles. All mobile devices running Microsoft’s OS will require a replacement soon. Microsoft has not revealed if Windows 8 for mobile phones will be replaced by a new and improved OS after support for the platform will be discontinued. Although the OS was a huge hit on laptops and PC’s, there was a drag in the smart phone sector. Only Nokia bundled its new Lumia Series with Windows 8 and more recently HTC. Android and iOS continue to dominate smart phone markets.

A disappointing run for Microsoft but the OS hub continues to work on great new software for future phones, tablets, and hybrids.


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