Microsoft to launch tablets in the mid and lower pricing range

Windows 8, though a brilliant operating system, is failing to make it big in the tablet sector. After the initial tablet hybrid rush, the OS cannot sustain sales in the bracket it is aiming at, in the Smartphone and tablet markets. To bring back demand and urge consumers to opt for windows phones and tabs, Microsoft is resorting to price cuts and discounts. If rumors are true, Microsoft will lower the price of its flagship Windows 8 OS for PC manufacturers so public can expect cheaper phones, tablets and hybrids.

micro2Microsoft has offered another incentive to fuel demand. Any device released by the company with display size of less than approximately eleven inches is eligible for discount and a free copy of     Microsoft Office 2013. The company is now setting its sights lower to land on the mid range market for mass sales. These focus on smaller tablet display screens and lower pricing. The company is losing out in this segment to competitors Apple with its iPad Mini, Google’s Nexus 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet.

Microsoft’s current config does not allow Windows 8 to work with smaller screens. The new OS from the company, codenamed Blue will fix all this and run on tablets with 7 or 8 inch display sizes. The mid market will be a huge revenue generator for the company if Microsoft manages to capture the market from iOS and Android. Small displays and affordable devices are in the thick of action today. A smaller display with lower pricing will take Microsoft a long way up the gadget ladder, ahead of Android and iOS.



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