Microsoft to launch 7 inch tablets running Windows 8 soon

Microsoft is looking south to strengthen its position in the tech market. The new Windows 8 specifications will now allow for 7 inch tablet versions from the product that made the touch OS. The OS display notifications will now permit a 1024X768p resolution from the existing support for 1366X768p resolution. The depth of the display will be 32 bits. The company will now compete with the likes of Amazon and Google with the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire both offering a resolution of 1280X800 while Apple offers a 1024X768p resolution. Microsoft is working towards smaller Windows 8 tablets in the near future.

mic2If the company does indeed come out with a 7 inch tablet, something that is highly likely, consumers will have a chance to compare Apple’s iPad Mini, Samsung’s Note series, and Google’s Nexus 7 with the new offering from Microsoft. There is one flaw however with the 1024X768 resolution. It will not be able to run the snap app since that app requires a resolution of 1366X768 pixels. Windows 8 stores need to warn every company buying the tablet that the snap app will not work on the new Windows 8, without an external display. The company however is working on snap app to permit devices with 1024X768 resolution so that two apps can be snapped side by side. This tweak to snap app will be available on upcoming OS Microsoft Blue for handsets that want to run a windows OS.

Consumers can look forward to small screen Microsoft tablets hitting markets soon!



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