Microsoft Kinect can see inside skull

Kinect used to look at brains

Microsoft released Kinect as an add on to the company’s Xbox 360 gaming console to be used with games. By the use of Kinect in games is not so much wide. Not all games that could be optimized for Kinect are optimized for Kinect. But the product is finding its applications elsewhere, at places and in fields which were not the main targets during the designing of the product. For example, there have been instances where the Microsoft Kinect system has been used to cheat in poker games.

But that apart, there is a new application built for Kinect, and this is more related to the medical field. The team at Microsoft Research Cambridge have come up with an assembly using Microsoft’s Kinect to peek into skulls to look at the brains. The application can be considered as using an x ray vision camera to take pictures of a skull, to look at the brain. But these are not real x ray cameras. Gizmodo writes:

Using the Kinect’s stereoscopic cameras, special software can keep track of how your head (or a dummy’s head) and figure out exactly how a brain is sitting in there. Obviously it’s not real x-ray vision because it’s just projecting a brain, not the brain, but even the approximation could prove handy for neurosurgeons when they’re getting ready to do some probing.

The prototype of the project which has been showcased in the video uses a tablet and a Kinect unit just tapped on the back of the tablet. And since this is considered as a prototype or a proof of concept unit, this arrangement is acceptable. But the final product, if any, will be designed better. And this might just be what is needed to make Google Glass a much better product that what it already is. We will be knowing more about this product in the coming days.

Source: Gizmodo