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MetroPCS: When Being Fifth In Line Ain’t So Bad

The title of this post may strike most of you as rather odd. Why would one give a tech post such a name?

Metro-PCS-logoThe answer is simple enough. Do you know what company is the fifth largest mobile telecommunications network behind Verizon Wireless, AT$T, Sprint Nextel, and T-Mobile USA? The answer boys and girls is MetroPCS. Even I didn’t know that.

How many people even use MetroPCS? Well, that’s a tale for another day. Even if we were to focus on the fact that MetroPCS is a company that most of everyone knows nothing about you can’t ignore the fact that this is a company that has revenue of over $4 billion dollars. That’s a lot of cash for number five. How does such a small time company get so big? Some call it intelligence but the folks down south will tell you “it’s ma’s sweet lovin’”.

What telecommunications companies tend to do is sell phones that come with their services. Such is the case for MetroPCS. If one were to go to their website at this very moment you’d be met by a number of deals that are going to keep you stuck to the screen. That’s because no one else will give you a smartphone at anything as generous as $50. Yes, you read correct. But how is that possible? How can someone give away a smartphone for $50? That would be a very good question and the answer would be, “no one would give out a smartphone for $50 but the guys at MetroPCS would give you one for $49”. Insanity? I think so but it gets the wallet sleeping comfortably.

A 4G phone such as the LG Motion is being handed out ever so warmly to anyone willing to part with $49 and pretend to be badass with their new smartphone. But that isn’t the only deal that they have going for them. They also have a range of some of the best smartphones at very good prices. One of them would be the Galaxy S3 that they offer at the amazing price of $499 which some would call psychological pricing but I call a dollar cheaper than anywhere else. The LG Optimus also comes at the friendly price of $99. Can it get better?

However, all these deals come with a price. You cannot use any other telecommunications network once you have bought a phone from them. But it is worth it.

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