Mega tops file transfer speed test vs. other cloud storage services

Kim Dotcom’s MEGA Cloud Storage Service is faster than Skydrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Sugarsync in terms of file transfer speeds, according to a test conducted by the Laptop Mag blog.

They arrived at such result by creating a zip file containing 300 MB of content, including audio, video, and picture files. They then uploaded the zip file to the five cloud storage services, and subsequently downloaded them again. This was done thrice for every batch of uploads within a span of five business days. Lastly, they computed for the average file transfer times.
For their browser, the Laptop Mag team used Chrome, and transferred the files through their Ethernet connection. Their connection has a speed of around 12.9 Mbps in downloads, and 17.8 Mbps in uploads, according to results they found through
Although iCloud is a popular cloud storage service, the team skipped using it in the test, as they believe that the iCloud is substantially different from the other cloud storage services in the experiment.
For uploads, the MEGA cloud service had an average upload time of 2:34. Skydrive follows at 3:08; Google Drive at 3:39; Dropbox at 4:42 and SugarSync at 10:27.
Meanwhile, for downloads, Google Drive was the fastest, with an average download time of 3:28; followed by Dropbox with 3:33; MEGA with 3:56; Skydrive with 4:36; and Sugarsync with 11:02.
Taking the two sets of information together, Laptop Mag reports that MEGA has a total task time of 6:30. Google Drive is next with 7:07; followed by SkyDrive with 7:44; Dropbox with 8:15; and Sugarsync with 21:29.
It may be worth noting that among the cloud storage services that were included in the test, MEGA has the least number of users at present. This owes to the fact that it is the newest among the five services, having been launched only around the start of the year. Furthermore, it is believed that some consumers may not be so keen on trying the service because of Kim Dotcom’s alleged involvement in piracy that caused the government to shut down Mega Upload, the file-sharing service that he offered in the past.
The results of this test, however, may bring more attention to MEGA, which apart from having fast transfer speeds, also provides users with 50GB of free storage space. This is far larger than the data allowances offered by any of the other cloud storage services in the list mentioned above.

via laptopmag