McAfee: Emma Watson is a Celeb that will Likely Give You Virus

emma watson

Okay, calm down people, I am not talking about herpes here or some biologically transferable disease. I am pointing to McAfee’s report that was released in the third quarter of 2012 saying that Emma Watson is the celebrity that will likely give you a computer virus.

According to McAfee, fans who use keywords like “Emma Watson nude pictures”,“Emma Watson free downloads” and “Emma Watson fakes” have more than 12.6% chance of falling into a trap set by websites rigged with Trojan, spyware, adware, spam, phishing and other viruses and malware.

Next to Watson on the list is Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes comes third, Selena Gomez is fourth and Halle Berry makes it on the fifth place. Other equally hot women in Hollywood and the music industry follow the list like Megan Fox, Shakira, Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara.

For six years, McAfee has been conducting a search for the Most Dangerous Celebrities to determine the riskiest searches on the web involving popular personalities. Based on the company, cybercriminals usually follow the latest trends, often using the names of popular people like celebrities to lead people into the websites that they have infected with malicious wares. Usually, keyword searches involving “nude pictures” and “free downloads” will yield results that will lure users to their sites.

Since the study started, McAfee found out that hot women celebrities usually top the list. However, that does not mean that searching for hot male celebrities are safe either because Brad Pitt usually makes it in the top 10 rankings, except in 2012. Surprisingly, comedian Jimmy Kimmel is the only male who made it on the top 20 of that year.

Okay, this might be unsettling for people, because many might ask “who the hell searches for Jimmy Kimmel nude pictures all day?” Well, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. It must be some people searching for his free funny clips.

But really, do the searches come with the “nude” word in it? I hope McAfee enlightens us on this one for the sake of the troubled souls who just discovered this fact.

How to Avoid this?

Obviously McAfee recommends you to use their products to combat these threats. But aside from this utterly wise recommendation, you should avoid downloading contents from questionable sites. You should also stay away from popups that promise free downloads. Of course, use self control. As much as possible, avoid using the keywords McAfee mentioned combined with the name of celebrities that topped its Most Dangerous Celebrities list.

If somehow, you just can’t help yourself and you find your fingers typing the keyword “nude” with Jimmy Kimmel… er, Emma Watson’s name on it. Keep away from unreliable sites that offer it. But if you ask me, it is really hard to say which is reliable and which is not in that kind of search.

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Source: McAfee

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