Matter: Exclusive Game For Xbox 360 Kinect Directed By Verbinsky Cancelled

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Microsoft has announced that it is cancelling the Xbox 360 game “Matter” which is to be produced with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski for the Kinect.

In a statement, Microsoft confirmed to Joystiq that it will no longer push through with its planned development of Matter, which should have been produced with Verbinski and Blind Wink Games.

There are, however, no further details of the announcement made by Microsoft. This left Xbox 360 users who are closely following the development of the game in the gray area as to why the project was scrapped. Microsoft also failed to say if they are just scrapping the Matter project or the whole partnership with Verbinski.

The cancellation came amid a trailer for the game that was launched at the E3 last year. The trailer made fans excited to see the game on Xbox Live Arcade, but that seemed to be a dream that won’t come true anymore.

In the video, an orb was seen floating through an abstract of moving cubes. According to reports from different gaming websites like Eurogamer and Geekscoop, that ball was supposed to be controlled by the gamer by merely rolling it in his/her hand.

Partnership Gone Bad

Microsoft’s partnership with Verbinski was announced in 2011. The announcement said that both parties signed a deal that will deliver original interactive entertainment content to Microsoft platforms worldwide.

Not much detail was released about the game and where it will be based, although Blind Wink Games has let out that they may produce “media beyond games.” Verbinski is making a name for himself in the gaming world. He was also set to bring Irrational Games’ BioShock to the big screen, but nothing came out of the project because of budget concerns.

Microsoft, on the other, is also no stranger to broken partnerships. In 2006, it has also entered into an agreement with Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, but that partnership was eventually severed.

Project Not Entirely Scrapped

According to a report from Eurogamer, a project being scrapped doesn’t mean that Microsoft won’t develop it in the future. Although the company seemed to be ready to close its doors to Matter, it may just need time to study the developments of the game and see if they can legally produce it on their own without the need to consult with Verbinski and his Blind Wink Games.

There are no clear-cut reasons as to why Matter for the Kinect was scrapped. There was a lot of buzz going on in the gaming world about Microsoft’s lack of ability to produce good and dependable game franchises for the Xbox 360. The latest scrapping of this Verbinski project might actually make Kinect look worse than it already is in the gaming world according to critics. But personally, I have to partly disagree with this because Microsoft has produced franchises that topped the market like Halo and the MechWarrior series.

Matter has created quite a buzz during the E3 last year. We would have to wait and see if Microsoft has enough game left in them to develop something that has been quite promising when it was teased to the audience (at least, that was what some comments and reports said). Whether or not the Xbox 360 manufacturer will finally come up with a quality game for the Kinect remains to be seen.

Source: Joystiq

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