Match shapes and score big!

Indian company Tharle Games will release a new game and exciting game for the Apple store called Magic Shapes 1.0. The game has been designed to run on all of Apple’s touches devices, the iPad, iPhone and iPod. A relatively simple theme when compared to the more elaborate gaming apps released on the iTunes store, the game is still funny and fun! Kids will have a wonderful time fitting shapes into rows. Entertainment for the whole family, this is an amusing, learning app that provides hours of enjoyment.

shapes2The objective is very simple. Drag shape from the white colored bottom row to match empty, hollow shapes on the colored rows. The catch to this app is the time you get to complete the match. As you progress to higher levels in the game you get a shorter window to match more shapes. You lose points for dropping shapes and requesting new ones so it is a real challenge after a few levels. There are two modes, the easy mode where you have to fill in all the rows before your allotted time ends and the expert mode that places a time interval for each row in the level. Both children and adults will enjoy this game with its colorful layout and interesting levels.

The app has been designed to run on any Apple device running iOS 4.3 and above, so this includes a range of iPod, iPad and iPhone touch versions. It is free for download from the app store. Tharle Games will soon follow this up with an HD version that will look terrific on Apple’s retina display.