Marvel Comics App to give away over 700 first release copies for free

Relive the thrilling action of your favorite super hero like never before.  Marvel Comics currently offers over 700 first edition comics for free to any user that downloads the free Marvel Comics App from their website or Google Playstore.

This is great news for avid comic fans of the popular comic book super heroes like The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, X-men, Thor and the many other amazing characters from Marvel Comics.

marvel2This offer brings to life the nostalgia from a bygone era right on your tablet and smartphone.  To take advantage of this limited offer, simply download the app onto your device.  Once opened, the promotion jumps right out at you and you are able to scroll through hundreds of first edition comic titles.   Our new comics make for great reading material on your favorite e-reader with the ability to zoom in and scroll through the fantastic pages of amazing graphics and action packed story lines.  As an added feature, when downloading the comics using your account, every issue is backed up, so even when you lose your device you can easily retrieve it from their server.

The app also gives you access to over 3500 other comic books.  Each comic is individually rated and user reviews added. Free downloads are updated weekly and you can customize your reading experience with a pane to pane or full page display.

This amazing offer runs until Tuesday 11PM Eastern time.


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