Makie Doll App joins forces with 3D printing to create custom doll designs!

The world is witnessing the swift blurring of boundaries between the digital space and realm of reality. Apps now dominate not only the virtual world but have permeated to the tangible zone as well. The latest area to be brushed by apps that have changed the way the world runs is toy making. Children can now possess custom made dolls with the new 3D printing technology in conjunction with an app that designs these toys.  A new app for the iPad allows users to design dolls that are then created using 3D printing technology.

makie2The app is called The Makie Doll Factory app and has been released for the iPad to encourage creativity and fuel imagination among its younger users. Children can fashion new creations with this app like hairstyles, facial features, clothes and other aspects of girl dolls and the rugged look and feel of models like dragons and dinosaurs. Custom creations are not possible with mass production toys that churn out dolls and other toys according to a certain specification in hundreds of batches. 3D printing technology along with the app from Makie has been custom creations possible. No two dolls will ever be the same anymore!

When a suitable design has been created for a doll, the app sends the design to a 3D printer that manufactures body parts of the design by adding layers and layers of plastic to create a three dimensional object.  Special electronic chips in the body of the doll can cause animations like gleaming of the eyes and other gestures if required.

This new method to create dolls does not replace mass production but does make doll design and creation a bit more fun with end user and artiste involvement.


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