Mailbox – Making Virtual Mail just as Fun as Physical Mail

Mailbox is the new app coming to iOS fans and everyone who dislikes email across the country. The concept for Mailbox was co-founded by Gentry Underwood and Scott Cannon. Mailbox is an email management app that improves the email experience. As users we are constantly flooded with messages and it can be hard to filter through what’s important, which messages we want to archive, delete, view at a later date or unsubscribe from. Mailbox provides a solution for all those uncertainties. The app allows an intuitive way for email messages to be managed.

mail2First off, the app allows multiple email accounts to be combined into one, that way if you have one account for work, another for friends and yet another for a separate business, you won’t miss a message. Once the day begins many people are bombarded with emails, with one swipe Mailbox allows messages to be read, replied, viewed, archived, trashed or snoozed until a later date which could be tomorrow, later that day or another custom time. A new feature Mailbox offers is the ability to add email to lists, if there’s an email about a deal at a store, add it to your coupon list, or if there’s a message you need to read in more detail at a later time, add that to a different list. With all the features and options it’s no wonder people are scrambling to download the app and get their email life in order. However there is a catch. Because Mailbox wants to make sure you have the absolute best user experience, once you download the app, you’ll have to wait in line to actually use it.