Mailbox for iOS offers New Solution to Your Gmail Experience

ios mailboxApple is always trying to stay focused and ahead of its competition. Over the recent years, the company has been releasing some amazing applications a move which has made it stay relevant and competitive. As we speak now, Apple boosts of having one of the most flourished phone brands in the industry. It sells some of the most expensive devices but rest assured that they are worth every penny. Their latest app arrival that is Mailbox has not disappointed either.

The new Mailbox iOS app is an email application which Apple Inc. is trying to incorporate into all its devices to help with the Gmail experience. The app is supposed to make your Google mail experience fast, sleek and manageable. The app makes your email to appear in a list to do format hence making it easy to manage the same. Over the years iOS users have been encountering a rather hard time dealing with their email. The new features found in the Mailbox app allow the iOS users to receive their email in a notification manner something that they were not fond of.  Once the notification is received, if the user wishes to read it, he can then tap on the pop up and gain access to the mail. If he does not wish to read it, he simply needs to swipe to the left and a pop up window containing a variety of options appears. One of the options available is the ‘snooze’ option. Once ‘snoozed’ the mail disappears from the inbox list and can be accessed after a few hours or even after a day.

A part from the highlighted features, the application has the ability of allowing their users to initiate a conversation in the form of instant messaging. It also allows one to take photos and attach them in the application.

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