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Lunatik’s four new iPhone 5 cases

Lunatik Taktik Extreme iPhone 5 case

Lunatik was an early Kickstarter project to raise a good amount of money for a company which makes cases for your smart phones and MP3 player. The company’s first product was a pair of iPod Nano watch cases called the TikTok and LunaTIk. After this, the company has continued to release really awesome smart phone coves.

Scott Wilson and his design firm Minimal are the two main pillars that are holding up Lunatik as a company. The company has a good history of working with designs, as it is proved by the company’s clients list, which includes Microsoft, Nike, along with many other big corporations. Anyway, Lunatik has now come out with four really awesome and rugged cases for the iPhone 5, and they look awesome.

The first case is the Flak, which is going to cost around $35. The case is very minimal, has no unwanted design features, it is clean and classy. There is a tough glossy polycarbonate outer impact shell which will take most of the shocks when you accidentally drop your smart phone. And the inside is made up of a shock absorbing inner core which will keep the smart phone inside scratch free. The outer shell is available in white, black, red, and pink.

The next case is the Seismik, which uses a flexible TPU material to construct a truss design so that the cells in the truss design will be able to absorb the shocks and keep your smart phone safe. This case is available in black, gray and cyan, gray and yellow, gray and clear, and gray and magenta. It costs $35 approx.

If you want more rugged protection, you can take a look at the Taktik Strike. This iPhone 5 case costs around $80 and is built like a tank. The case is very similar to Seismik, but with aluminium and aluminium hardware, and polymer bezels. The case is said to be designed to protect your smart phone against the weather as well. All buttons are covered and ports get a little plug to cover them when not in use.

There is one more case called the Taktik Extreme, which, as you guessed, is the ultimate protection your iPhone 5 can get. The case in an extension of the Taktik Strike, with a cover over the lower bezel with the home button and also the whole screen of the iPhone is covered with a Corning Gorilla Glass. This will cost you around $125.

Source: TUAW

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