Low-cost iPhone May Have 4 inch Display

Amidst high rumor that Apple is also in line with Nokia and others trying to introduce budget smartphones for their customers, people have started to speculate on how this new iPhone might turn out to look like. However from the trusted source of KGI Securities, it has been disclosed this March 2013 that despite all the hearsay that the budget iPhone might have a 4 inch display instead of a collective assumption of 4.5 inch. As per the source, we also get to know that the iPhone has a great chance to be available in multiple shades ranging from four to six alternatives. The KGI Securities having an upper hand in cases of Apple’s future products also spills out that due to the less expensive bracket range, the iPhone body must be built with glass fiber mixed plastic casing making it look thinner, flashier and at the same time sturdy as well. The expected thinness can be assumed to be within 0.4 to 0.6 mm.

budget2Absolutely cautious to get into the entry level, Apple is moving carefully reportedly trying to maintain the cost of budget iPhone by diversifying the manufacturers of the high and low cost iPhones. An analyst had claimed that with a simple low cost iPhone available in the market, Apple can easily claim $11 billion from the untapped markets that are currently swarmed by other budget Android devices. But the matter of fact is an iPhone is always an iPhone….so the budget flagship bearer of Apple, no matter what will always have its fan followings around the world.

SOURCE: https://techcrunch.com/2013/03/15/apples-low-cost-iphone-reportedly-getting-the-same-4-inch-display-as-iphone-5-super-thin-plastic-case/