Lost Temple 2 Review


Since last year, almost all the people have been addicted to the hottest running game — Temple Run and its sequel. And of course, I was one of them. But I stopped playing it after a while, because I don’t allow myself to be too addicted to anything or anybody. So I decided to look for some other similar games to shift my attention.

At the very first sight, I thought Lost Temple 2 was the sequel to an original Lost Temple, a game released in 2011. However, I was wrong. In fact, Lost Temple 2 is a running game just like Temple Run and it really has nothing to do with Lost Temple besides the similarity of name.

In Lost Temple 2 you need to let your character run on an endless road of obstacles, turnings, and slides. And on the way of the character, you shall make it collect coins as many as you can, because you can use the coins to buy power-ups that will help you to go further and unlock new characters if you do not want to see the fat guy in front of you anymore.





There are a large amount of different level backgrounds in the game, such as icy road, and the mysterious temple itself. In each level there’re specific obstacles or enemies for you to overcome and dodge. All of it looks quite exciting.


For some players, the character in the game is quite ugly; and to some extent, it can be menacing-looking. But don’t you think it is so unique? No game developers have created such an ugly character before. This is the only one. Well, I admit I am a geek. I just love the ugly fat guy.

I don’t know whether it works smoothly on other devices but my phone is just getting on well with the game. Frankly speaking, there are some bugs in the game and it may strike at any time. If the developer could fix that, it would be perfect.

About the cheats or tips, I really don’t want to say anything. It’s just a game. Games are made for fun, for joy, and for entertainment. So you don’t have to win or be the best player. Just play it when you want to and enjoy it without thinking of anything.

If you are an enthusiast of Temple Run and its sequel, you must want to have a try at Lost Temple 2; and if Temple Run doesn’t work on your phone, you have to try Lost Temple 2. Although it is not comparable to Temple Run, it is not bad at all as a free game from such kind of indie developer.

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