Liven up your snaps with Takes, a photo editing app for the iPhone

Those college collages so precious to the hearts of fresh graduates are going to be easier and much more fun to create with new app Takes that mixes up a collection of photos to create a unique video complete with a wacky soundtrack to suit the mood!

takes2Available for Apple devices, the new app lets to capture snaps with Apple’s stunning camera and turns these pics to an interesting mini movie of sorts by clubbing them together to create a unique, colorful video full of vibrant photos of your family, friends and you. An interesting fact about Takes is its origins. The developer was inspired to create this app after watching a Harry Potter film where people in photographs move in and out of their frames and can even talk and gesture vigorously from within their pictures. A new meaning to the phrase “come alive”, these characters and images made way for the real thing – an app that brings photos to life!

When a user captures a snap with Takes, the picture is not simply stored in memory but a video clip associated with the snap is recorded. Here’s a fun nugget of information. The Takes app and not you decided which photo is important and how much video time should be devoted to it! The decision to deem a photo as important or not lies with the time the user takes to click a pic. A fast click would create a short video but a slower click time where the user focuses for a while ensures a longer video since the user spent more time perfecting the camera angle.

These video clips are shareable and can be updated to Facebook and other social media the same way a normal video can.  But the best part?  You do not have to edit these videos to stitch together a bunch of snaps. Takes does this for you! Pick a soundtrack from the music library to complement the video and you’re college farewell clip is all ready!

With Takes on your phone, photography is a whole new experience!

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