Latest iPhone Rumor – Featuring Fingerprint Sensor

With the release of iPhone 5, people have been expecting to see more from Apple. Latest rumors say that iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, whatever you call the next iPhone, will feature fingerprint sensor which can read your fingerprints as well as it’ll support NFC (Near Field Communication). Let’s get into more details.

The rumor of including fingerprint sensor came to our vision by China Times. The secrets revealed when Apple bought AuthenTec, the security firm. They made a smart sensor which is 1.3 mm thick and holds up to 500 pixels of scanning. Apple was planning to utilize this concept in iPhone 5, as we thought. But, unexpectedly, we didn’t see any feature in iPhone 5. That’s why we’re predicting too see this in the next iPhone.

ip2Apple is planning to use this device for security purposes and take mobile payment system to another level. Users can put their fingerprint just to make purchases or provide password for the device. Ming Chi Kuo, the analyst, has provided pretty outstanding predictions for the next smartphone from Apple. According to his reports, the fingerprinting mechanics will work under the Home button and users can hold their thumb on that particular home button to let the device recognize their fingerprint.

It was inevitable that Apple was going to introduce the use of NFC in their device so the rumor doesn’t attract much though. With NFC enabled and fingerprinting technology, we can expect to see some serious competitions among the smartphone manufacturers this year.

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