Klipsch Image X7i Review: A Closer Look at the Ceramic Headphones

ceramic hp

If you are looking for an in-ear ceramic headphones, then you may want to check out the Klipsch Image X7i, which is quite reminiscent of the very user-friendly Klipsch Image S4 line. Although it didn’t receive the same rave reviews as the S4i II model for iOS devices, this new headphones from Klipsch does have its own attractive qualities.

It has a polished and stylish design that comes in both black and white. It also has the same tangle-resistant flat cord seen in the S4i II. Plus, it carried the three-button remote for full music and voice control for Apple devices. But alas, that is where the $162 price tag becomes questionable. In a society divided between Android and iOS, the Klipsch Image X7i risked alienating Android fans out there since its remote/microphone control is only friendly to Apple devices.

Android fans will surely have something to say about this. And surely, Klipsch knew the competition in the market right now. I’m guessing they have something up their sleeves for Android lovers? I sure hope so.

X7i’s Features

The ceramic design of this headphone paves the way for its sleek and elegant design. Instead of using the customary plastic materials, Klipsch went ahead and used something that is decidedly more durable. It also includes five sizes of its patented oval-sized tips, so no need for you to get annoyed if it keeps falling off from your ears. You can easily attach the tips that will fit you.

Also, the headphones’ “perfect seal” capabilities will let you listen to music and voice calls while blocking outside noise. Its directional microphone will also let you have a crisp, crystal clear and hands-free phone calls.

The Klipsch Image X7i takes pride also for being able to provide a wide frequency range that is capable of delivering “dynamic detail for strikingly realistic sound productions,” its website said. However, most bass lovers may not be satisfied with the amount of bass the headphones can deliver despite its promise of a full-range balanced armature drivers that can provide deep bass, clear mids and crisp highs.

But for those who are not into too much bass, then I guess this ceramic headphones will be the perfect accessory for your Apple devices. Aside from such technical features, the Klipsch Image X7i also comes with the perfect compact protective case.

Quite different from the S4i II’s case, this one has faux microsuede that adds style, elegance, glamor and even functionality to it.

Mixed Reactions

It is difficult to say exactly if the X7i is good or not. It’s not the best, but it’s not the worst either. It’s somewhere in the middle, balancing the good and the bad of all the other headphones in the market today. Perhaps, the only real problem with this device is that it is too pricey for what it can do, especially because it is limited to Apple devices only.

I have a number of friends—both Apple and Android fans—who would prefer a ceramic headphones that can fit both their much-loved devices.