Kinect to replace the mouse with a human fist

‘Touch’ will soon be out of ‘touch’ in the tech world with giants Samsung and Apple paving the way for better touchless technology. Microsoft will follow suit with the Kinect with the mouse soon replaced with the user’s hand. Every feature provided by the mouse will now be simulated by waving, prodding, swiping and pinching your fingers to accomplish various functions on the Kinect.

kinect2A user’s fist replaces the mouse when gamers are using the Kinect. The technology relies on the movements and gestures made by the user’s fist to execute a series of moves that reflect in the game. Be it racing cars, defeating evil or strategy based games, the human fist works as a fairly good replacement to a device that gamers rely heavily on – the mouse.

This new feature will be rolled out in an update to the Kinect provided by Microsoft. A game called Jetpack Joyride demonstrates the power of this new feature to control gaming moves with just waving the fist about, remarkable feat by Microsoft. Zero Contact technology and motion control will make a huge impact in the gaming arena where maximum hand and body gestures are used.

The Kinect is not tied to the XBOX alone. It was deployed on the PC and its SDK was released for developers to create interesting, intuitive games for a range of platforms. There is enormous scope for developers with the update featuring new “fist” technology where a player’s fist controls events on the screen.

The world is fast moving to a new era of interfacing and the Kinect is a huge part of the migration.


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