June 20th rumored release date for the iPhone 5S?

iph2Three months after Korean electronics giant Samsung released its much hyped Samsung Galaxy 4, Apple is planning to launch its much awaited, star product, the iPhone 5S. The phone could be released as early as June 20th 2013 and hit stores in the beginning of July. Following a grand release of the 5S, Apple will then launch its rumored low cost iPhone series in China and India as a pre-paid device. While there is no confirmation from the company itself about the release date, sources are positive that the phone will be released in the second quarter of 2013, in June. This will closely follow Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference that would take place in the second week of June. Whether Apple chooses to release the 5S and the low cost iPhones so close to each other is something that no one can answer yet but the June release of the iPhone 5S is probable with the company adopting a similar release strategy for its previous releases.

The iPhone 5S will land a huge step ahead of its predecessor the iPhone 5 in terms of features, hardware, software and technology. Expectations are running high with the Galaxy 4 already out. People are eagerly waiting to witness Apple’s counter strike against Samsung. According to rumors, the new phone will knock every other phone company out of the market, with brilliant capabilities and killer looks. Apple has chosen to keep mum on the release date but expectations are mounting to a fever pitch with the expected release drawing close.


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