Jellybean update for LG Optimus L9 rolled out in some European countries


Waiting for the Jellybean update on your LG Optimus L9? This might be your lucky day if you are living in one of the select 12 countries where the update has been rolled out via FOTA (Firmware Over the Air). Others don’t worry, the update is going to be available in UK, US and other countries in the coming few weeks.

lg l9 jellybean


According to the XDA Developers Forums, LG has silently rolled out Jellybean update for its Optimus L9 smart phone in 12 countries namely Australia, Thailand, Germany, the Baltic countries, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Greece and Hungary. The company is most likely to release the update in US, UK and other countries in the coming weeks.

With this update, Optimus L9 users can avail certain Jellybean exclusive features like Google Now and Google Voice search. Other features include faster and smoother user interface as a part of the project butter initiative of the latest android OS.

The handset was leaked last year itself in May; however the device was officially available for purchase only by the end of the year. The device was mainly aimed at the mid range market and it is good to know that the company is still supporting its mid range products unlike the other devices from the company which they had ignored in the ICS update last year.

Lg Optimus L9 has been a silent winner for the company as it was one of the best mid range device in the market at its time of release. The device packed a powerful dual core processor with 1 GB RAM and a 5 MP camera. However, the biggest selling point of the device was its 4.7 inch IPS display with a 2150 mAh SIO battery. This was one of the few devices in the mid range segment offering a large screen with a massive battery made to last a full day. Other devices like the Sony Xperia P, HTC desire X which were available in the same price range had poor battery life and a small screen. So, users who were particularly interested in watching videos and playing games naturally preferred this over the other devices in the market.

With competitors like Samsung and Apple ruling the market, LG products have not fared well in the past few years, but the company has been making some progress with its Optimus G lineup. It recently released the Optimus G pro smart phone which features a 1080p Full HD display on a 5 inch screen. The specs of the device can directly compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S IV and Sony’s Xperia Z. With the launch of its Optimus L II series just before MWC, the company is making sure their products capture the mid range market.

LG has been known for its excellent hardware specifications but were severely criticized for their lack of software support. But looks like the company has been learning over their mistakes and the Jellybean update to its old device like Optimus 4X, Optimus L9 and Optimus L7 is sure to please a lot of LG customers.