Jeff Huber, former Google Maps chief to join Google X


Google has been busy lately with a number of structural changes within the company. Last Wednesday, Larry Page, Google’s CEO wrote in a blog post that Andy Rubin was no longer heading the operations of the android department. Sundar Pichai, the current head of the chrome division of the company will be taking over Rubin over the operations of the Android department.

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Now, it is known that Larry Page will be separating the company’s mapping and the commerce division which was earlier integrated together. The mapping department will merge with the knowledge team, which is the company’s search team. The team is currently headed by Alan Eustace. We all know that most of the users access Google maps via the Google search engine and this move might smoothen things up within the company. On the other hand, the commerce group will merge itself with the advertising department, which is involved in the activity of selling ad spaces over non Google sites across the internet. Susan Wojcicki would head the now combined commerce and advertising department.

Jeff Huber, who was the head of the Mapping and commerce division of the company would retire from his role and join Google X, which is currently under the leadership of Sergey Brin, one of the co founders of the company. Google X is an innovative department of the company mainly involved in the creation and development of cutting edge technology like driverless cars, google glasses etc.

According to Wall Street Journal, these structural changes have been made in order to improve the pace of execution within the company. The company aims to create a simple, beautiful user experience for the benefit of the people using these services.

Other than this, there has been one more change in the company’s team structure. Recently some management changes have been made in the ‘L group’, which reports directly to Larry Page. Huber and Rubin who were currently a part of the L team will be replaced by Sridhar Ramaswamy, a software engineer working for the advertising team.

We can also note that both Rubin and Huber have been a part of the company since a long time and they have headed many complex departments. Android, an under developed open source platform back in 2004 has become the world’s largest mobile operating system under the leadership of Rubin. Also, Huber who headed Google Maps department has made Google’s mapping platform one of the best in the world. The variety of features (like street view)available with Google’s mapping service has enabled it to win over most other competitors in the market today.

With these two master minds working with Segrey Brin in their Google X department, we can expect some new things from the company in the near future.

via Wall Street Journal

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