iWatch Release May Be Some Time This Year

iWatch Concept from Business Insider
iWatch Concept from Business Insider

Apple’s iWatch release is expected this year, according to a report by CNET, which means that there’s another fad in the making. This is an effort by Apple to regain its market share in technology devices, which has been largely challenged by its competitors like Samsung Electronics Co. In fact, such is Apple’s focus on the iWatch that it might even be released far ahead than Apple’s smart television.

Although the watch is still in development, the company already expects it to be highly profitable. According to Oliver Chen, analyst at Citigroup Inc., the release of the iWatch is a $6-billion opportunity for Apple, especially if they can create something as innovative as the iPod when its first generation came out.

Currently, Apple apparently has a team of 100 product designers to come out with the perfect design for the iWatch. Washington Post said that rumors from inside the company indicate that the iWatch will incorporate the functions of the iPhone and the iPad.

The same report said that the new iWatch might allow users to view who’s calling them, to check map coordinates and to make calls. The watch may also have a pedometer that can count the steps one takes. This will be perfect for fitness and health-conscious individuals. There will also be sensors that can monitor health-related data like heart rates.

Apple hopes to launch the device this 2013 as evident in the 79 patent applications it has filed, most of which include the word “wrist.” The patent application it filed includes one for a flexible screen device that will be powered by kinetic energy.

Scott Wilson, the developer of a line of wristbands that can accommodate the iPod Nano, said that Apple can use its iOS mobile software to limit the information sent to the iWatch. Since the Apple wristwatch device cannot possibly interpret the same amount of information as the iPhone and the iPad, it would need to run on a lower-scale operating system than the one being used on the high-end Apple devices.

Competing with Google

Apple’s planned iWatch release comes at an opportune time as Google is also ready to up the competition with their planned launch of the Google Glass. This time, however, the challenge for the two companies would be which of them can convince users that it’s time to take technology to the next level—wearable devices.

The Google Glass will allow users to take pictures, send messages and make calls. This is the challenge that Apple is facing right now. But the company’s history in innovation has already proven how much it can take when speaking about competition. Before the iPhone came into being, the public was seemingly contented with a simple text-and-call mobile phone.

To date, there are several smartwatches in the market that are making a name for themselves such as the Pebble Technology, Martian Watches and Meta Watch Ltd. However, there is no clear-cut leader in the industry of smartwatches just yet. If  Apple can make the iWatch release as successful as its iPhones and iPads, then it might regain its lofty position on the top of the tech world.

Source: CNET

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