iWatch Could Suffer from Battery Life Issues

iwatchJust when you thought augmented reality and wearable computing would be the end to all the battery problems, new reports say iWatch, the new smartwatch apparently being developed by Apple, will be riddled with battery life issues.

Sources close to Apples project team for the iWatch and have been close to prototype hardware said Apple’s new smartwatch only gets two days of use before it’s out of juice.

This is still about a day more than you will get with any smartphone, but for what will be just an accessory to your smartphone or tablet device, it is a little poor.

According to reports, the iWatch will run the same iOS operating system that the iPhone and iPad do, but the watch interface will be slightly changed for better operation and usage.

The wearable device will apparently “slap” onto your wrist and the interface will be capable of changing and being flexible. Corning recently showed off their Willow Glass, which we suspect they will be adding to this flexible wristwatch.

Apple is focusing hard on this project, if the rumor about the 100-man team is to be believed. Leading this team of engineers and designers is Jony Ive; the industrial design genius who helped make most of the design ideas for all Apples top-selling products.

We still are unsure if Apple will be bringing this out as a fully blown new product, to take on the likes of Google Glass, or as an accessory for your daily needs, working with iCloud to capture notifications. This would be the same design Pebble have with their smartwatch.

The iWatch is apparently going to be released sometime in Q3 2013, with a price tag which is between the iPod Touch and iPhone. Analysts groups have already said the iWatch could make Apple a much more profitable company and bring life back into their stock.


Via Apple Insider

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