Is HTC One Shortage in the Horizon?

htc1HTC will be launching their new mobile device these coming weeks. The device which is called the HTC One is said to be the key for the company to revive its fortunes. However, some handsets coming from different mobile companies may steal the spotlight from the HTC One because they will launch earlier. Moreover, rumors have been spreading that the launching of the device will be delayed due to lacking parts.

One source of this speculation is BriefMobile. According to inside scoopers, there is shortage in the compact camera module and voice coil motor of the device. Those parts are used for its Ultrapixel snapper which is the selling feature of the handset. If this query is true, then there will a delay in launching of the product and only few units will be availablein the market.

Moreover,CNET Asia reported that HTC released a statement saying that the launching of the HTC One in Singapore will be delayed so that the company can serve their customers better. The speculations are growing stronger as KGI Securities estimated a decrease in the One’s shipping from four million to around 800,000 or 1.2 million. Their worldwide estimate for the first six months of the year went down to 10.5 million as compared to 15 million before. KGI Securities stated that these statistics reflect the lack of HTC One’s camera parts.

Despite the shortage issue, HTC will make the One available in the UK market this coming March 15. The handset will have the Ultrapixel camera. The mobile device is estimated to be amounting to £500. This camera technology is said to provide a great low-light performance so HTC One is still one of the cool devicesto look forward to this summer.