Is Google Watch Real?

We’ve got a report from Financial Times that the team of Google’s Android platform has been putting their effort on building a smartwatch. Google has been pretty consistent in providing innovative gadgets during the whole year of 2013. This time, they say it is a smartwatch. Let’s find out more.

sma2Smartwatches are the latest attraction in the market. Apple, Samsung and various tech-giants are working to get the most out of this concept. Google is no different and we’re expecting to see a big challenge from Google this summer. In 2011, they made a patent for their smartwatch which has a flipping display. Apparently, that experiment hasn’t been successful and Google is on their way to make things better. As the reports are saying, this smartwatch may feature lots of things like providing directions, searching the web, show emails and plenty of other features. We can expect to see many Google apps to be integrated with this device.

Wearable devices are not new anymore. For Google, the concept is pretty old since their release of Google Glass Project. Now, we can think of more advanced options like integrating Google Glass with their smartwatch. Well, we’re expecting to see more Android watches since Pebble already started shipping through the globe to almost 69,000 people.

In the contest of releasing Smartwatches, Google has entered the race. We have to wait till the announcement from Google. Let’s see how the market of wearable computing turns out for the tech-giants out there.

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