iPhone 5S to feature NFC, fingerprint reader?

If rumors are to be believed, the iPhone 5S will feature Near Field Communication, a technique that has been incorporated into other devices like Sony’s Xperia S and Samsung’s Galaxy S series. Another interesting feature the 5S will sport is fingerprint sensing.

ip52According to reports, Apple has engaged Chipbond, a Taiwanese chip manufacturing company to source chips for NFC and fingerprinting technology. NFC is a feature overdue on Apple’s handsets with the rest of the tech world already offering this feature in their new releases. The fingerprinting sensor is expected to integrate with NFC to provide user’s security while transferring content, one of Apple’s main concerns and reason for not implementing NFC in previous releases. The fingerprint reader will be placed under the Home Button to prevent unauthorized transfer and access to digital content on the iPhone 5S. The reader is rumored to be powered by an A7 processor.

Apple’s lack of easy data share technology has always been a bone of contention between users and the technology giant. With the iPhone 5S, Apple is looking to fix this deficit with NFC incorporated into this latest smart phone model. There is still no news about whether the phone will support money transfer. Apple however, in its trademark style has gone one step ahead of other phone manufacturers to ensure the security of data transfer using a fingerprint reader. This aspect of security has not been taken care of by other companies offering NFC in their products. The fingerprint technology will come at a price though, expected to shoot iPhone 5S costs by a big margin.

The new offering from Apple, the iPhone 5S is eagerly anticipated by fans world over and is expected to be released sometime this June 2013.


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