iPad Wireless Charging a Go, Time to Get Away from the Outlet

[Photo Source: Telegraph]
[Photo Source: Telegraph]
Apple may be looking at having an iPad wireless charging device after it has received the patent for the said technology, a report on TechNewsWorld said.

The same report said that the patent will significantly reduce the dependency of the Apple iPad to wired charging. Can you just imagine how convenient bringing your Apple iPad to a coffee shop would be? You won’t have to find a nearby electric outlet anymore because you will be able to charge your device wirelessly.

Just last week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded the patent of the wireless charging technology to Apple. This means that the company that Steve Jobs founded can finally develop devices that will be able to charge without the need for those pesky cables.

According to the patent, the tablet’s cover will include an inductive power transmitter that can wirelessly pass power to an inductive power receiver unit that will be inputted in the iPad. The patent also opens up the possibility that the tablet’s protective cover will include a battery of its own, which will be used as a secondary power source.

Solving the Problem

There is, however, a slight glitch with this development. Devices have different power cords for a reason—their required power supply is also different. This wireless charging technology will be able to monitor the power supply circuit and make adjustments depending on the changes in the requirements of the device’s power supply.

The patent, according to the report, will be able to provide a solution to problem of wired charging. The patent said that since electric cords are a “burden” to port around, this technology will efficiently eliminate the need for cords and boost the mobility of the device.

Topping the Competition

Last week, Samsung has finally unveiled its most talked-about follow-up to the successful Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S4, the South Korean company’s flagship smartphone, has finally introduced consumers to wireless charging. So although wireless charging has been around for a time now, it was only last year that we are hearing interests from smartphone companies to develop the technology.

Also, car companies have already started talking about putting the wireless charging technology in their products. So now that another industry is looking into maximizing the potential of the technology, smartphone companies have never been more interested to see what it can do for its products.

This catching-up game is quite new for Apple who has always been in the forefront of innovation. But now that Samsung came up with its own wireless charging technology, Apple needs to make sure that it can showcase this technology with so many more features than what Samsung was able to do with it.

Rob Enderle, president and principal analyst of the Enderle Group, said that Apple can even get their wireless charging technology patent challenged since they are coming second to the South Korean brand. However, he added that if rumors are correct, then Apple may have something up its sleeve for iPad wireless charging.

Source: TechNewsWorld

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