iOS Lock Screen Bypass Hack Also Affects Samsung Android Device

android hackIt looks as if the bug which was affecting some of the Apple’s iOS devices has attacked Samsung. In a statement issued by Sean McMillian, the bug will allow you to bypass your lock screen and grant you a complete access to your device. Instead of just accessing the homescreen, you will be able have a complete pass to your Smartphone. This flaw is similar to the one identified in some of the iOS updates that were being released by Apple. With the iOS platform, they issued updates to their faulty iOS a move which rectified the problem.

The problem was first identified in the Galaxy Note II operating under the Android version 4.1.2. The initial reports suggested that the bypass could only grant you access up to the homescreen interface but as things have unfolded, it actually gives you a complete access to your device.

For you to manage to access the device, the most important aspect to consider is your timing. McMillian himself recons that he tried the procedure several times before he finally made his final break through. He highlighted several steps which if followed to the later could help you out. They include;

  • While still on the entry screen, press the Emergency call button.
  • Then go ahead and press the Emergency contacts.
  • After that you can then press the home button.
  • This next step is where speed becomes essential. Quickly press the power button immediately after pressing the home button in the step above.
  • If you manage to successfully do this, press the power button once more and it will lead you to the homescreen.

Samsung have not yet been able to offer an immediate solution to this but gauging by the sensitivity of the matter, it will not be long before they address it.

Via Examiner

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