iOS 6 Updates: iOS 6.1.2 Bug Fixes not Working?

ios patchThe newest update of Apple’s latest operating system iOS 6 was rolled out about a month ago for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.  The update 6.1.2 was intended to resolve the Exchange battery drain problem that so many users have been complaining about since update iOS 6.1 was released.  Many iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch users had voiced their complaints after updating to iOS 6.1 but it seems that the bugs are far from over as the 6.1.2 update has its share of bugs that are clearly frustrating users.

The first update of iOS 6 iOS 6.1 was released in January this year, just a few months after the operating system was launched sometime in late September last year.  The new operating system introduced a world of features to the phones including a new version of Siri voice assistant, more visible buttons to report bugs, Apple maps, lock screen controls and many other features.  Most users expected that the new update would eliminate all, or at least most of the bugs encountered so far but it was very disappointing that the update still has issues.

The users of iPhone 4S who also got the iOS 6 system on their devices were the first to notice a bug on the 3G connectivity.  The issues appeared right after the update was rolled out and shortly after, iPhone 5 and iPad owners started reporting abnormal battery drain on their devices.  A security flaw on the screen lock feature which could allow unauthorized access into the photos and contacts of the phone via the Emergency Call button was among the most serious bugs noticed after the first update.  Apple was fast to deal with the 3G issues on iOS 6.1 just a couple of days after the update was rolled out by rolling out iOS 6.1.1, but unfortunately this update did not resolve the battery drain problem on iPod touch and iPads.

Apple is known to quickly deal with issues pointed out on its operating system, which is why the company focused its efforts on the battery drain bug that was caused by an Exchange calendar issue which increased network activity thereby causing the processes to consume more power.  In February, Apple pushed the 6.1.2 update for iPod touch, iPad and iPhone which resolved the battery drain bug.  However, users of iPhone 5, iPod touch and iPad still have not received an update that fixes the security bug.  Although the iOS 6.1.2 update was downloaded by millions of iOS users worldwide, most do not know that the security issue has not been resolved and their devices are still vulnerable to compromise – not that all knew of the vulnerability in the first place.

Because the security flaw problem is so widespread, I am certain that Apple is working on a fix of the flaw which will most likely be included in the next update iOS 6.1.3 for iPod touch, iPhone 5 and iPad.  Unfortunately, the update may not be coming as soon as those who are worried about the security flaw would expect as it is now clear the bug will not be fixed within the next couple of weeks.  The release date of the update had been pegged for about a month from the end of February, meaning that it could be rolling out in late March or early April – just two to three weeks away.

As far as we can tell, the new update will have a fix for the security issue as well as new Apple Maps features for Japan.  It is likely there may be a fix for a few other minor fixes – even a second fix for the security bug and battery drain bug – but so far we do not know of any news regarding this.

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