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iOS 6.1.3 bug gives access to contacts and camera roll from lockscreen

iOS 6.1.3 lockscreen bypass bug

A couple of days back, the Cupertino tech giant released a new update to its iOS mobile operating system with the version number iOS 6.1.3 to fix some of the major issues that the platform had. One such issue was the ability to bypass the lock screen on iPhones even if the smart phone is protected with passcodes. And another major fix on the new release was the incompatibility with the popular Evasi0n jailbreak tool by the Eavd3rs team used to jailbreak iOS 6. But with this new update, the company has introduced another similar bug into the operating system, as showcased by the user in the video.

The bug in this release allows a person to bypass the lock screen of the smart phone even with passcode enabled and gives full access to the contacts and the Camera Roll apps. And the full access means the person can read, write, and edit the contents on the smart phone. But the procedure to get this working on the new release is a bit difficult compared to on the older build. But if the person doing this is very dedicated to doing this, this can be achieved with very less effort. So how do you do it? Slash Gear explains:

The bug is exploited by removing the SIM card at a certain moment while initiating a call via voice commands. Doing this provides access to the handset’s Contacts and Camera Roll, which can be fully browsed and edited. The obvious solution until Apple rolls out a fix for this lock screen bypass is to shut off the voice dialing feature.

That seems to be the only way out of this for now, disable voice dialing. And some people on the internet have already mentioned that they were able to reproduce this bug on their iPhones as well, both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.But the variants of the smart phones running Siri seem to be resisting the bug.

Source: Slash Gear

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