Into the Dead Android Game Review

Do you have a zombie addiction? There’s a huge selection of zombie related games for the Android platform for you to choose from and one of the latest entries is probably one of the best there is. Into the Dead by PikPok is a game where you suddenly wake up to a world infested with these undead creatures. What do you do? Well, you better start running before the zombies get you. This is exactly the gameplay of this title which is a first person endless runner.

Into the Dead can now be downloaded for free over at Google Play. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.3.3 as well as a storage space of 25 MB. While the game is free it does not mean that special weapons and useful items are. The game has an in-app purchase feature that lets you use real money to buy those extras.

In this game the helicopter you are in crash lands and you are the only survivor. As you wake up you discover that zombies are everywhere. This is where you have to start to run. The controls are simple since all you have to do is choose between left and right. Running is done automatically. There are four control types to choose from which are Tilt, Touch, Thumbstick, and Thumbstick Mirrored.

There are items in the game that can help you avoid zombies but these costs coins to get. You get to earn coins the farther in the game you run. It takes a lot of time to accumulate coins so if you really can’t wait you have the option to use real world cash.

Some of the game features include

  • Intense gameplay with stunning visuals & sound depicting a grim zombie apocalypse
  • Unlock an arsenal of powerful weapons and perks to help you stay alive
  • Missions and minigoals provide constant challenges to overcome
  • Challenge your friends to beat your high scores
  • Ongoing updates to deliver new modes, features, and content

If you are looking for a zombie game that’s quick to pick up then this title is highly recommended.

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