Internet-Enabled Image Toaster Coming To Your Kitchen Soon

Technology has quickly evolved over the past decade. Now, we have iOS and Android-operated devices. Add to that the Kinect, Wii, Smart TVs, Smartwatch, Ekso and other mind-blowing stuff that has changed the way our living rooms look. But among the few things that have remained unchanged over the years is the old fashioned toaster.

Over the years, it never failed to provide households with crisp crust bread. Then, add to that a spread of peanut butter and jelly or any add-ons plus a hot coffee which will surely make everyone’s morning complete.

However, Gizmodo just revealed to us recently that even the ol’ toaster underwent a major upgrade. The appliance is called the Image Toaster, which was developed by Scott van Haastrecht.

What It Does

The Image Toaster is Internet-enabled according to Gizmodo. This capability lets it connect to Google in order for it to randomly browse for any image that is relevant to the date in the calendar or top headlines in the search engine. Then, it prints the selected image to your bread which you can see in the image below.


But the downside of the device is that you cannot choose the image that you want to appear on your toast. The toaster only selects it randomly among the many pictures on the site and imprints it to your slice of bread. Also, the image that it generates is only in a 6×6-pixel resolution. The image may not be that detailed, but for artistic purposes and for the sake of a more enjoyable breakfast, it will do. In addition, you have to plug it into your router or computer to link it to the Internet.

The Release In The Market

The new Image Toaster is still in its development stage, so no announcement on its wide scale release has been made available yet. But based from the article on the tech site, the developer is definitely planning on the mass production of the product in the future.

A Similar Product

In a related news from the same source, Electrolux is looking to mass produce in the future an appliance based on the Scan Toaster printer concept of Sung Bae Chang. Apparently, the invention of Chang caught the attention of Electrolux after it became a finalist in the multinational manufacturer’s Design Lab competition in 2008.

The function of the Scan Toaster is similar to the Image Toaster. You can connect it to the Internet where it can print relevant images from the Internet.

The details about this product is very scarce though, so we do not know yet if it will enable you to select the images manually or it will do the choosing on its own similar to the Image Toaster. But based on the samples provided by Gizmodo, which you can see below, the output of this one appears to be more detailed as compared to the other because it is capable of printing news articles in a format that you can actually read. Moreover, there is no word from Electrolux as of the moment about the exact date of its release and production.

What’s Next?

It is really amazing what technology can do nowadays. Everyday we see new innovations popping out from the creative minds of people which never fail to surprise us everytime we log in to the Internet. So, I bet it won’t be long until some starts tinkering with the coffee pot to turn it into a Smartcoffeepot, or better, the “iPot”.

Source: Gizmodo

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