Intel is hiring for its internet TV service


Intel is a very well known chip manufacturer. The core business of the company ever since its infancy has been to manufacture chips for computers. But in the recent years, the computer industry has dropped, the sales of mainstream computers have come down, thanks to the almost equally powerful and a lot portable smart phones and tablets. So, the company decided to manufacture chips for these devices as well. And we all know, that has not been going well for Intel.

So, the company has been looking at other streams of business, and for some reason, it has found the internet TV business attractive and profitable. So in February, the company announced that it will be working on an internet TV product which would be much better than what we are already getting in the market.

With this product, the chip manufacturer will be competing with heavy weights such as Apple Inc., Amazon Inc., and Google Inc., and these companies think that the $100 billion cable business is old enough to be changed to the new digital age. And since the company has no experience in the field and therefore has no expertise, it is looking for people who have the same.

This means that the company is hiring, but I do not know the job description or requirements. I am just making a clever guess that it has to do something with the new internet TV business. Anyway, according to the company spokesperson Jon Carvill, the company will be adding at least 60 more employees to the group. He says that after this hiring spree, the number of employees in the team may grow up to 400 in the next six months, and just about a year back, the size of the team was just 100 employees.

But it is interesting to see how the company will be able to convince content providers to literally give away content, for lesser money than on other networks. 

Source: Reuters

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