Image Leaks Show New S920 Phablet and S820 Smartphone from Lenovo

lenovo tabletLenovo is a very popular PC manufacturer, considered as one of the most formidable players in the computer markets for years.  The company is also showing that it has guts when it comes to the manufacturing of Android smartphones, in a tough market dominated by South Korean company Samsung, Taiwanese company HTC, LG, Motorola and a number of Chinese companies including ZTE and Huawei.  The release of its Ideatab line of Android tablets established the company as a possible threat to the dominance of Samsung in the Asian Market.

New leaks show that Lenovo is working on two new Android gadgets:  A 5.3 inch S920 phablet and a mysterious S820 smartphone rumored to be targeting the more hip and fashion-hungry market.  Lenovo is aiming to offer the high performance gadgets running quad-core processors set to enter the market probably later this year.  If the leaked images are anything to believe in, Lenovo is drifting away from Intel processors (such as the processor in the Lenovo K900 5.5 phablet announced earlier this year).  The new smartphones seem to be targeting the mid-range Android users and has quite some impressive specs.  If history is anything to go by, Lenovo’s tablets should also be relatively affordable compared to other smartphones already in the market with similar specs.

Lenovo S920 Phablet

A slight modification of the S900, this 5.3 inch phablet is more of a tablet than a smartphone, but based on the screen size, we might just call it a hybrid of the two.  The phablet sports a 1280 x 720p High Definition screen and not a 1080p Full HD we might expect of a device with such a large screen.  Other specifications include a 2,250 mAh battery and a MediaTek MT quad core processor.  The leak, however, does not mention what the clock speed of the processor is.  The gadget comes with 2 GB RAM and most likely a choice of 16 or 32 GB onboard memory with a microSD card slot to expand memory by up to 32 GB.  The S920 phablet will also come with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out-of-the-box, which I suppose is good news for those planning to get buy it.

Lenovo S820 Smartphone

Not much is known about the Lenovo S820 smartphone except that the images leaked show it could easily be mistaken for an HTC device from the One series.  Since it is a successor to the S800 released in November of 2011, the S820 should have a number of improvements, top on the list being a quad-core processor, a 720p screen and a better battery.  For now though, the only thing we have is an image.  It is just a matter of time before we find out what Lenovo has in store for its fans.

Lenovo is a global name in electronics – particularly PCs.  In the past, the company has offered its smartphones and tablets in the Chinese market only, but there is a possibility that this time they may venture into the global market, particularly the European and US markets.

Via Android Community