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iFixIt’s new tablet repairability list ranks iPads negatively

iFixit's list of tablets based on repairability with iPads at the bottom

The iFixIt team released its first list of tablets rated on their ease of repairability. The list is fun to look at. The world’s most popular tablets, the line of Apple’s iPad tablets, found themselves at the bottom of the list. This is because it is very difficult to open up the products and repair them. If you have tried to do this on one these tablets, you would probably know what we are talking about here.

The team also gives reasons for its scoring. The team gives two reasons for the low score of the Apple iPads. One of the reasons is that the tablets use a lot of adhesive inside them, and the second reason is that the user may damage or break some parts of the tablets trying to open them. And when it comes to Apple’s line of tablets, these present one or both of these issues. Most of the iPads have got a score of 2 out of 10. The Apple iPad to score the maximum was the original iPad which got a score of 6 out of 10. The only negative of this tablet was that its battery was too difficult to remove or replace. And this original iPad was just a notch below the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

The worst tablet on the list is the Microsoft Surface Pro, which scored just one out of ten. And the reason here again is that it uses a lot of adhesive. And the best rated tablet in terms of ease of repairability is the new Dell XPS 10 tablet, with a score of nine out of ten. The list also includes other popular tablets such as the line of Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs, the Amazon Kindle Fire series of tablets, and many others. However, the list does not rate all the tablets released so far.

Source: Mac Rumors

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