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iFixit: iPad is the least repairable tablet after Windows Surface Pro


A few days back, I had reported that Windows Surface Pro was the least repairable tablet in the market. Being a new entrant in the tablet segment, we had no idea how well the tablet was built and the news that it was the least repairable tablet didn’t shock any of us.

However, the following news would shock most of the tablet users for sure. In a recent report by the folks over at iFixit, iPad is the least repairable tablet in the market after Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

ipad repairability


Talking about the repairability of iPad lineup, all the tablets except first generation iPad by Apple scored a low score of ‘2’ in iFixit’s report. The report said that there was a high risk of cracking iPad’s glass while trying to open up the tablet for repair. However, once the unit was opened, the LCD was easily removable. First generation iPad scored better than the others with a modest score of ‘6’. As the glass is not fused into the LCD panel on the first generation iPad, it was very easy to disassemble the device. However, still one would find it difficult to replace the custom made battery by Apple. iPad 2 faced the same problem and this continues throughout the iPad lineup.

Further, the use of adhesives to hold parts together in the later generations of iPad has made things more difficult. The same applies to iPad mini, however as the glass and LCD are not fused together in the device, it is comparatively easy to repair.

According to the report, Dell’s XPS 10 came out as the best tablet for repairability with a score of 9. The color coded screws and cables along with its easy to open back cover has been praised by the report. The only problem of the device was that its LCD was fused on to the glass like most other tablets in the market.

Amazon’s lineup too scored above average in the report. Amazon’s Kindle Fire ranked just below Dell XPS 10 due to its simple design with few screws. However, Kindle Fire HD did not do well in the test as its battery and cables were fixed on to the case.

Surprisingly, Motorola too did well in this test as its LCD and glass were not fused together like other tablets. However, having to remove 57 screws from the device meant a long disassemble period for the device.

Nexus 7 got an average score of ‘7’ in the test. It’s easy to open case along with an easy to replace battery simplified its repair procedure. However Nexus 10 scored below average as the device was very hard to disassemble. Also many components were glued to the case and hence it was very hard to repair.

It is worth noting that the test results do not consider other factors like reliability, consumer preference, popularity etc. It only considers the procedure to open up the device and repair for any malfunctions.

However, if we take a look at the reliability of the iPad lineup as mentioned by other reports, we are pretty sure that the possibility of an iPad breaking down is far, far less than other android or windows tablets in the market.

via iFixit Report

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