Humble Bundle Releases First Bundle Exclusive For Android

If you weren’t able to avail of the last humble bundle that included Android games then you don’t have to worry since this latest offering is all about Android games. The latest bundle is the first time that games are offered exclusively for the Android platform and is called the Humble Mobile Bundle.


The Humble Mobile Bundle features 4 titles that you can get by paying any amount while a bonus 2 locked titles can be accessed if you pay more than the average price.

Here’s how the system works, you get to choose how much you are going to pay to get the games. All payments made are being averaged to get the average amount spent by those who availed of this offer. As of this writing the average amount is $5.55. If you pay more than this amount you get the two bonus titles. Of course you can also pay less than the average amount but this will only let you access the 4 standard titles.

So what titles are included in this offer? There’s Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea, Plants vs. Zombies, and Bladeslinger. The two bonus titles are Metal Slug 3 and The Room. This bundle really has some great titles which includes Metal Slug and Plants vs. Zombies as my favorites. If you get these games via Google Play you’ll have to shell out a considerable amount of money to get them but if you get them in this bundle you can pay whatever amount you want.

This offer won’t last long though since as of this writing there’s only 13 days to avail of it.

Contre Jour

  • A physics-based puzzler where you control the environment and guide your one-eyed friend, Petit, as he collects lights in each level.

Anomaly Korea

  • This is a sequel to the popular Anomaly Warzone Earth. The game is a top-down reverse tower defense strategy game where you’re the invader.

Plants vs. Zombies

  • This popular tower defense game lets you defend your house with all sorts of plants against an incoming horde of zombies.


  • A third person action brawler that places you in the Wild West.

Metal Slug 3

  • A popular arcade side-scrolling shooter that’s been ported over to the mobile platform.

The Room

  • A 3D puzzler that places you in a room with a safe. You’ll need all your cunning to open the safe to reveal its secrets.

via humblebundle