HTC’s J Butterfly is getting a successor soon


Last year when the Taiwanese smart phone giant, HTC, released the J Butterfly in Asia, the smart phone was a hit. This was partially because the smart phone was the first to come out with a full HD 1080p 5 inch display, which is just awesome. And later in the year, the company released the same smart phone in the United States and other parts of the world as the HTC Droid DNA. Now, there is a new rumor that the company is working on an update to this smart phone, and will be releasing it soon to the market.

According to Focus Taiwan, the HTC Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Ho, said that the company will be rolling out a HTC J Butterfly successor due to customer demands for the smart phone and that particular sector as well. According to the report, the smart phone will be under the Butterfly brand only, but the exact name of the smart phone and the date of the release of the smart phone were not mentioned.

According to the report, however, the name of the smart phone may not be changed. “We have no plans for the time being to change the name of this series,” Ben Ho is quoted as saying. And this would mean that this smart phone would not reach the shores of United States and a few other parts of the world? And probably we can expect an updated Droid DNA as well from the company to reflect the updates in the new HTC J Butterfly. But then again, these are just assumptions still. We still need to get a proper official statement from the company.

Slash Gear writes, “As pointed out on Android Community, HTC’s One flagship handset will likely not be arriving at Verizon, and combined with the rumors of a DNA+ that have been surfacing, it is possible the carrier could be releasing a next-generation version of the handset this year.”

Source :Slash Gear