HTC to run a version of Android build around Facebook on its new handset

A Facebook oriented version of android will be revealed soon for HTC. The Taiwanese company is building a new phone for which it has to create an operating system. If rumors are true, this new android operating system will be custom made for HTC and offer Facebook integration as its primary feature. The home screen page in other android phones will be replaced by the user’s Facebook page and the default camera and messaging apps on HTC will be replaced by Facebook’s version of these apps.

fb2Rumors of a custom made Android phone are nothing new with Amazon already adopting a special version of android for its products. The concept of an android phone revolving purely around Facebook is however, new and will launch for the first time with HTC’s new phone. This version of android could be available for both HTC and other company handsets, those of which want to run this version of android on their new phones.

Whether it makes sense to have an OS built entirely over Facebook remains to be seen- since the popularity of the social network is fast receding. New networks like Instagram and Pinterest are taking over the web now. While Facebook continues to retain its million odd users, the fact remains that it does not seem to have a lot of life left in it and whether users will invest in a phone running a version of OS devoted to the social network is something HTC will have to wait and watch.


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