HTC to introduce a Sense 5 feature to some of its devices

htc sense 5Mention to anyone anything about the HTC One Sense 5 UI and all you will get is a blank stare. The main reason attributed to this seemingly indifference to the company and its products is that most people have heard little about this unbelievable technology.

HTC One Sense 5 UI did not receive any credible recognition when the device was launched. If you can recall, before the launching of the HTC One mobile phone, the company was dealing with some contentious issues concerning the naming of the device. The phone was supposed to be unveiled with the name HTC M 7 before they resolved and settle for HTC One. The company was also dealing with some leaked information about its ultrapixel image qualities. All the leaked information surrounding the HTC One occupied the minds of many to an extent that people paid less attention to the distinguishing features of the phone.

Come to think of it, the Sense 5 user interface is HTC’s most astounding yet still outstanding feature to brace their line of products. Through a special report  released by HTC via their official Facebook home page where they confirmed that within a few months, most of the HTC One line of products i.e. HTC One X, One S, One + and HTC Butterfly will be receiving a boost in terms of their user interface.

This mean that that they will use the Sense 5 UI to in all the devices listed above. The company however cautioned that not all the devices will be able to support all the features that come with the Sense 5 UI. The main reason given for this incompatibility is that the interface was specifically meant to complement the HTC One’s hardware. This however should not be a main concern as those devices that will be able to support the UI will work flawlessly.

Via Engadget

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