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HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Detailed Comparison (Part II)


This year we saw the release of a number of innovative devices from HTC, Nokia, Sony and LG. However, according to many, the only smart phone released this year that could give tough competition to the Samsung’s flagship phone, Galaxy S4 is none other than HTC One.

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In the previous part of the comparison, we had taken a look at the design, build quality, processor and the display of both the devices. In this second part of the review, we will compare the User Interface and the camera of HTC One and Galaxy S4.


Camera is one of the most sought after feature of a smart phone. People are crazy about cameras these days and companies like Nokia have been able to sell their devices just by fitting it with a great camera. So how does the Galaxy S4 13 MP camera fare when we compare it with the HTC One’s 4 MP ultrapixel camera? Let’s have a look.

Most of the professional photographers would agree that a greater megapixel count does not necessarily mean a better camera. And if you just look at HTC One’s MP count, you will be surprised. The device comes with only 4.3 MP camera, however you will be able to capture some of the most amazing pictures with this device. It can take amazing low light pictures (which is a must for people these days) and has a new image signal processor which would give the device features similar to Nokia’s Smart Shoot.

On the other hand, Samsung has upgraded their flagship phone to a 13 MP rear and a 2 MP front facing camera. Some new features of the camera include dual camera, Sound and Shot, Drama shot and eraser mode.

In this category, we would give HTC One the edge as it was able to capture better night images and videos. Also, the sound recording quality of the device is better than most other smart phones in the market.

User Interface:

HTC One features the all new Sense 5.0 User Interface. But the most striking feature of the device is its Blink Feed. It is a tile based interface which connects the user to various news and social networking updates from the home screen itself. However, don’t worry; if you don’t like the new blinkfeed, you also get an option to change to the traditional android style home screen. Other new features of the device include a revamped music player with new visuals and an automatic lyrics scroller.

Coming to the Galaxy S4, the interface is not that different from Galaxy S3. The touchwiz UI is almost identical to the one found on the previous flagship phone. However, the company has included a whole set of new features like Air View, Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, Optical Reader and a S Translator.

In this category we can’t really decide who comes out as the winner. Both the devices have their own set of features with Galaxy S4 more focused on the practical features while the HTC One focused on media oriented features.

Our Verdict:

When it comes to build quality, HTC One is surely the winner but the non removable back cover and the lack of a Micro SD slot was a let down

Processor and hardware specs are almost similar so we can’t really say who won this category.

When comparing the display we would give an edge to the HTC One due to its higher pixel per inch count of 468.

In the UI category too we prefer HTC One as Blink Feed and the revamped music player looks practical and attractive.

And finally, we have no problems in choosing a winner in the camera category. HTC One was able to take some of the best low light videos and pictures taken by a smart phone.

So our final verdict is go for the HTC One, its new and is packed with some great new features.


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