HTC One receives the ‘Best Mobile Device’ award at MWC


Mobile World Congress has come to an end and now, we can carefully review the products unveiled at the show. HTC One was one of the star attractions at the event and it was quite obvious that it would come out as the best device of the show.

And rightfully it won the ‘Best Mobile Device’ award! According to the judges at the event, HTC One’s refreshed looks along with its innovative technology suited for consumer needs, made it the best device in the event. Well, we had no doubt about its popularity in the event as one could see people lined up at the HTC stall all day long just to get hands on the device.

htc one

HTC has been praised by technology enthusiasts all around the world for its new HTC One device. The smart phone has been able to bring back the popularity of the handset maker which it had lost last year. The stunning Zoe camera technology, Sense 5.0 Blinkfeed, the specs and display which no one could compete at present, made it a killer device worldwide.

Xperia Z, although undershadowed by the HTC One, grabbed the second spot that too by a respectable margin. However, this year Sony had something better up their sleeve with the launch of the company’s Xperia tablet Z. This Sony tablet managed to grab the best tablet award in the event by beating the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The fight between the two tablets were quite fierce, however Sony’s Xperia tablet Z came out as a winner with its reality display, NFC capabilities and modern design.

Mozilla’s recently launched Firefox OS also managed to get an award. The new Firefox OS got the People’s Choice Award at the event. Firefox seemed to attract a lot of people during the show but we will have to wait and see how Firefox devices fare in the market once it is released by a number of popular handset makers.

For the past few years, MWC has been a popular event for manufacturers to showcase their new devices. This year was no exception and over 1700 companies were present at the show to showcase their products. This year, MWC had over 72,000 attendees from over 200 countries and we expect this number of increase every year.

However, it is worth noting that nowadays, majority of handset makers prefer to release their devices before or after MWC to gain an edge over the others.  In 2013, we saw, LG, HTC, Sony releasing their flagship devices before MWC at their own special event. Even the Galaxy SIV is all set to release this month, just a few days after the MWC. Last year, the special event for S3 after the MWC did wonders for Samsung, however we can’t say the same for this year and it’s better to wait and watch how market will react to the launch of Galaxy SIV later this month.

via Android Community