HTC One Left No Chance for Other Smartphones in Clarity of Display

Last week, HTC has announced its beast HTC One. The top contender in the Android war has finally arrived and with sleek design and innovative features, it left no stone unturned for the year. HTC One was highly anticipated by the Android community. The most precious and premium feel you’ll have by holding it and looking at its design and pixel density.

htc2HTC One has been built with attractive and pretty strong aluminum body. Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protects itself from the surface endangers. The display unit is a true marvel. It has multi-touch capacitive resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels in 4.7 inches which can fit to your palm easily. This resolution is not available in the closest competitors right now. It also has a Super LCD3 unit of 1080p. It has a pixel density of 469 pixel density making it highest in the market right now. HTC One shows more reflection of light than the Samsung Galaxy S3. No matter how you view your HTC One, it displays no sign of color shifting and happens to be pretty legitimate in sunlight.

These advantages make HTC One the current champion of the Android world. It defeats all the other smartphones with its pixel density alone though you might not feel the actual difference with empty eyes. With a premium outer look and tremendously higher performance as well as “Ultra-Pixels” camera unit, HTC One has no opponent right now in the market.


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