How to Use NFC on Android Devices

nfcNear Field Communication (NFC) has only started coming to major smartphones in the last year, and the iPhone is still yet to buy into the technology.

The history to NFC is rather complex, it has been used in many different industries, including transportation and retail. The technology allows users to connect a device to another through near field communication, hence the name.

Most Android smartphones are now coming with NFC and now would be a great time to get to know all about it, how you can set it up and what you can do with NFC enabled on your Android device.

What is the point?

The first thing you will want to know is what NFC is used for on mobile device, well, as the movement to make NFC applications and NFC services grows, you can use your mobile device as a card, image, phone number and a host of other holders.

You then simply transfer to another device with NFC enabled and the transaction works. There is no need to connect through networks or Bluetooth, as NFC is both faster and picks up other traffic a lot less frequently.

With Android Beam, your device can partner with another and share files almost instantaneously, it is incredibly how fast speeds are when the devices are paired.

Does my device have NFC?

To check if your device has NFC, you may want to check the back if the smartphone has a removable back. On the writing on the battery normally declares if this is an NFC enabled phone or not. In some cases, the NFC chip will be visible when you open the back up.

For those of you that don’t know what an NFC chip looks like and don’t want to search the battery text, you can check on your smartphone with these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Wireless Networks
  • If NFC & Android Beam options are there, you have NFC

Some Tips & Using Android Beam

Make sure when you connect both devices have NFC and both are awake with good battery life. NFC does have a tendency to drain battery life after long usage, so we would advise deactivating it if you are not using it.

When using Beam, you will get a little activation sound telling you the two devices are paired, and then you can share all audio, video and any other file types, assuming they are not covered with DRM.

There is plenty to find when you have a NFC enabled device, and the world is just starting to use the technology. Soon, most shops will allow you to pay through NFC, and you can pay your monthly bill over your phone. Perhaps even one day you could log into accounts by putting the phone on the screen.

Via Android Authority

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